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Constructions quality control & engineering consultants company,provides services within the fields of quality control of structural & bulding materials, Non Destructive Testing(NDT), on-site investigation of reinforced concrete structures, geotechnical engineering and development of pavement management systems.


d1new  One of the main scientific objects of GEOTEST S.A. is the quality control of building materials. For this purpose, a fully equipped laboratory (recognized and certified by the General Directorate for the Quality of Public Works) is installed. The efficiency of the laboratory and the scientific validity of laboratory tests are based primarily on the highly qualified and experienced manpower and the latest technology equipment, which complies fully with the Greek and international standards .
GEOTETST s.a. is able to provide direct and valid results and a further consultancy on tests covering a wide range of materials tests, satisfying the requirements of public and private projects.


d2  Non Destructive Tests consist of techniques that allow the inspection of a structural element, in order to ascertain its functionality, without affecting its future ability for use and its capacity to be in function again. Because of the fact that non destructive tests don't cause permanent changes to the inspection elements, are very valuable techniques that can provide test conductions in short time, ensure the validity of the results and prevent the development of functionality problems on the structure.
GEOTEST S.A. is always aware of the technological developments in the field of constructions and quality testing. The close cooperation with the department of material engineering of Ioannina university is very important so that GEOTEST S.A. can acquire expertise, scientific knowledge and new equipment for the correct conduction of non destructive tests.




d3An important scientific field of GEOTEST S.A. is geotechnical engineering applications and studies. In cooperation with GEOGNOSI S.A.(geotechnical engineer company in Thessaloniki), GEOTEST S.A. is able to conduct a wide range of geotechnical researches in public and private works such as:


da1  Pavement management is relative to the monitoring of the pavement condition which is carried out through the inspection and the recording of possible damages and defects. The roads good condition is a rate of a country's cultural level and it contributes to the social and economic development. The need for the creation of pavement and infrastructure management systems appeared because of the high costs of their construction in relation to the small disposal of funds for their maintenance. Municipalities and prefectures apply to companies that are specialized in infrastructure inspections in order to proceed to pavement and infrastructure rehabilitation and maintenance works.

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