06 Jul, 2020




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Constructions quality control & engineering consultants company,provides services within the fields of quality control of structural & bulding materials, Non Destructive Testing(NDT), on-site investigation of reinforced concrete structures, geotechnical engineering and development of pavement management systems.



343777-earth on hand The quality control of building materials is a very important part of the construction process as the tests that are conducted  and the scientific validity of their results, can guarantee the good functionality, the security, the resistance in time of each new construction.GEOTEST S.A., having a high sense of its responsibilities towards the society conducts tests always in accordance with Greek and national legislation and standards relative to the quality control of constructions. In addition, the technicians and the scientists of GEOTEST S.A. continuously try to maintain the laboratory mechanical equipment in good condition, tested for proper operation and improved according to the latest technological requirements and standards, always trying to keep good working conditions and without aggravating the environment.






6οklm.National Road Ioannina-Athens
Τel: 26510 94676, Fax: 26510 94675

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